New Hampshire

A post from Henry pops up in my feed. Bragging about his latest conquests because of social media. Ah, there it is. A reminder for me to move along. It uncovers old wounds that I am unwilling to analyze. I scroll on to pictures of food and parties and the latest baby of our bunch as I wait in line at the grocery store. An unexpected friend has joined me earlier than expected. How lovely to be a woman. Truly. The woman behind me smiles. The teenager at the register blushes. Poor kid, I think to myself, as he tries not to look at the box. He must not understand how he got here.

“Anything else,” he asks in the form of a statement, as he waits for me to move along.

“A time machine,” I mumble, as I glance back at my phone.

He stares at me. The woman chuckles.

And that was New Hampshire. The tampon of my adventure. We can move along to Maine now, please.

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