thoughts are things

Daily Prompt: Core


…love, art and every drop of paint I use to draw a phrase or these days trees. At my core is a sensitive soul who loves people. That makes me vulnerable and sometimes I say the wrong things. At my core is a song, dance, tear, laugh, love, hope, and a whisper…a voice that tells me I am free if only I believe it to be true.  Imagination, curiosity and weirdness are also at my core.

All I can do as an artist is to do just that with every word and picture I paint. Knowing what’s at the core of you and of your art is what it’s all about.


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thoughts are things

thoughts are things


All of my life I think and dream. I have always thought of how I can bring that element of art in what ever it is I happen to be doing. What matters the most to me is how I make them feel. Art is after all…well I painted this…

art is

I  think of all the times I’ve swallowed doubt right there inside the warm cup of green tea. I think about all the times I secretly swallowed the words…the lies that someone said and secretly knew the truth. I listened from a place a love…the only place and truth I know. I sit here and write this with every ounce of my being and know that my story…so vibrant and colorful is amazing because it’s my art–my story. I savor and then swallow the imaginary piece of delicious chocolate cupcake that will be mine. You see I planned to buy the cupcake Saturday afternoon but they sold out.

YES. I think the important question is not that I will swallow but rather what will I swallow. Yes the tea is great and it warms me so. BUT how can my favorite cup of tea really warm  me like a hug from a tree and all it’s spring or summer breeze, if I swallow with doubt? When I swallow and take a deep breath I do so with belief in myself because the word itself says so. Audrey Hepburn said so too. Do I swallow the words it’s not the right season for fig trees or do I swallow the belief right down to my soul that it’s the right day? The answer lies within what your mind bravely conceives. Henry Ford said so. I say so.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

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thoughts are things

Thoughts are things


I think of the slogan fabric of our lives. So what is it that always holds us together and warms us. What keeps us comfortable? For me it’s art and there’s nothing in the world quite like it! I love a whole lot at that. Art is my freedom of expression, muse and love for my imagination and curiosity. 

Some of my pieces are mere sketches with ideas. Some are paintings that I have worked on for a long time. I hold on to these ideas like Linus holds onto his fabric…his blanket. The whole point is to create and share and to voice what needs to be heard BUT to do that you have to let go of the fabric. Let go of that big imaginary blanket of comfort that makes us feel safe. There’s nothing wrong with comfort. Guess there’s really two fabrics of our lives. The one that we need to hold on to and never let go. Then there’s the fabric that we need to let go of in order to grow.

The magic is where you can balance the two. As an artist you have to hold on to your fabric…your beautiful fabric be it a certain color or pattern even at a time when it’s dare I say it not in season. You also have to let go of the comfortable warmness you felt before because to create a masterpiece you have to put away that comfortable blanket and stand out in the cold sometimes…and that’s just it …if your blanket is thick enough you just create and you don’t even feel the cold.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!







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